Nice to meet you.

: professional.

My background in User Experience Design was born in a magical graduate program at Clemson University where I was able to blend my love of both psychology (the inner, dripping, mysterious workings of the human mind) and technical writing and creation (context and content for the digital experiences we spend all of our time on).

After attaining my Master’s, I spent two years at a badass full service agency in Washington DC called Forum One, where I led the experience design for a number of government and nonprofit web builds and rebuilds. From DC, I moved to New Orleans and currently lead the UX team at Lucid - a global market research giant. In my spare time, I build digital spaces for a number of freelance clients, including a former newspaper columnist, a teacher, and an insurance company.

: personal

I like making things, all things. I can’t focus on anything, I’ll give you my best shot.