CURRENTLY: UX Design Manager @ Lucid.

Leading the Design team at Lucid through user advocacy and empathetic design on each of our company's products. Working to not only maintain, improve, and build out current UIs, but also to vision new ways of reaching new customers in better ways.

Current projects include building a badass design system to bring Lucid’s suite of products to a more consistent and beautiful baseline, designing and iterating on a survey creation tool, and triaging any and all UX problems encountered within our interfaces.

Philosophy @ Lucid: build simple, beautiful, and repeatable interfaces. Make data driven decisions to improve user journeys. Be reasonable and inventive. Be kind.

Employed August 2017 to Present.



User Experience Designer, Product @ Lucid.

Work as the lead UXD on a multi-million dollar proprietary enterprise market research platform.

Days looked like: prototyping solutions for legacy product; creating mock-ups and iterations for new R&D initiatives in the tech/market research space; grooming dev tickets and aligning with our UI squad on solutions to experience problems, bugs, and feature rollouts; working to strategize and prioritize product initiatives and goals; attending and leading client feedback/research/prototype sessions around the US; slugging La Croix and taking names.

Senior User Experience Designer @ Forum One

Performed UX development, discovery, and strategy on a variety of government and nonprofit digital development projects. Notable clients and projects included: